Learnever on apple itunes-u


eLearnEver on iTunes U allows the Company to distribute world-class learning content to the world at large.


world women; new Step in new region


70% Scholarship specially for Kurdistan and Afghanistan women, If you are ready to rebuild your beautifull country.

business talks in your hands (Free)


Chat rooms, radio MBA, MBA TV, virtual courses, articles and more on MBA level of business and management.

5-Day Strategic Management


As these booming markets require high profile training, The eLearnEver "5-Day Strategic Management" meets this demand.

5-Day mba, On your smart phone


Highly intensive training course -you will learn in 5 days on your smart phone, what normally takes two years’ studys.

elearnever multi language web-tv 


Original learning videos on business, ICT and fundamental science from eLearnEver international members around the world.

News & events

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