3-Minutes Management Movie (3M3)

-Minutes Management Movie (3M3)

Global participation for collective success

in Partnership with Film Annex (USA)


Do you want to receive the highest possible scholarship to register through online into the International online MBA program or online short courses at eLearnEver Institute? Are you ready to participate in an international program? Would you like to spend the least time possible, to help educate others to learn better?

Participate in 3M3! Enroll now and be a part of this international 3-minute Management Movie (3M3) video-clip making competition, which is a part of the global spread of knowledge programs in developing countries that are run by eLearnEver Sweden and Film Annex USA. Participants in this program will be able to help educate and support the public in terms of the life and work aspects.


To achieve all these, please follow these Simple Steps:

- Utilize your cell phone, digital camera or your ordinary phone tablets.

- Choose an informative managerial subject and show the simplest skills and the easiest ways for everyone to learn.

- Send us the recording file.

Please refer to these video clips: Samples.



- Up to 30% scholarship to study in eLearnEver online MBA.

- UP to 10 % scholarship to study in eLearnEver 5-Day MBA.

- 100% scholarship to study in eLearnEver online professional courses.


To use this great opportunity:


- Select the courses you want to register.

- Click on "Start Now" to start filling the registration form.

- Select "3M3 Scholarship" when you are filling the registration form.

- We will send all information you need.


List of Online Courses:



- Virtual 5-Day MBA