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eLearnEver is a center for knowledge development in developing countries. These are countries with different languages, cultures and requirements. eLearnEver tries to connect people in developing countries to knowledge resources using ICT tools and active branch offices.
eLearnEver always searches for pioneer and active companies who are interested in online learning solutions; Companies or learning centers who have motivation to help their compatriots in following areas:

1 . Reseller or supporter of eLearnEver online products in your country (MBA, Short Courses, Mobile apps, Media Channels, ...)
2 . Holding professional training under licenses & supports of eLearnEver. Our support is include of:

  -- Learning plans

  -- Learning contenets

  -- Online supports

  -- Technology supports

  -- Access to digital library

  -- International certificates

  -- International lecturers

Every where you are, we need your participation to develop knowledge, entrepreneurship and technology around the world. Our regional partners will receive our full supports for high tech learning solutions. Also you will advise the eLearnEver to design the best solutions for the people of your country.

If you are ready to collaborate eLearnEver as a Regional Partner just click "Start Now".