MBA Cafe - Free Mobile App


MBA Cafe is available Now in English, Arabic, Farsi and Pashtoo

 Are you a busy manager? Are you really interested in updating your management knowledge, but you have no time! Even online classes won’t help you? We have a wonderful plan for you

One solution is available here! Join 100000s managers around the world by istalling our free android app, MBA Cafe on your mobile or tablet. 

What is MBA Cafe? An
multi lingual free application can be installed on android devices and connects you to the eLearnEver Sweden’s learning echosystem. You can enjoy it anytime and anywhere using internet connection. We have made learning very easy and eliminate most of limitation between business knowledge and you.



What is in MBA Cafe (5.0):

- (New) Chat Room (Business freediscussion, branding & marketing, strategic management, ...)

- Weekly MBA programs (English, Arabic, Farsi, Pashtoo) include of:

    - Radio MBA programs 

    - MBA TV programs 

    - Recorded classes of MBA courses

    - Webinars

    - Valuable managerial speeches, round tables, ...

- Read & Write Comments

- Business Quotes Just by a Shake

- Access to valuable managerial articles (English, Arabic, Farsi, Pashtoo)

- Access to new scholarships, Offers and online international courses of eLearnEver

- Direct Access to LMS and Students panel for eLearnEver members


How much is the usage cost of MBA Cafe? MBA Cafe is free. Only an Internet connection may be the costs of using MBA Cafe.