Online mini MBA


Many successful managers look back on their careers with pride, yet regret not having pursued an MBA degree. EMBAs (Executive MBAs) and PMBAs (Professional or Part-time MBAs) are a logical next step for those with available time and budgets. But what about the rest of us?

eLearnEver popular Online mini-MBA programs are designed to equip you with many of the key insights, comprehensive management practices, benchmarks and tools taught in leading MBA programs. Although “mini” learning experiences do not replace the depth of full degree courses, they can offer a concise and dynamic approach which rapidly prepares you to handle new scenarios as a manager while strengthening your confidence, decision-making abilities and performance on the job.


Using Web-based and Mobile-based technology, this program provides self-paced, individualized instruction that can be taken anywhere, anytime an individual has access to a computer, mobile and the Internet. All modules are available on mobile learning software. The programme is designed to finish in 4-5 months. Our mobile learning software decreases limitation of learning location with the mobility of general portable devices. Mini MBA is one of the recent projects of eLearnEver for students in developing countries which focuses on the mobility of the learner, interacting with portable technologies, and learning that reflects a focus on how society and its institutions can accommodate and support an increasingly mobile population.


The program is broken into 5 topic areas, consisting of 20 modules. Modules have been designed to build off each other, therefore it is ideal to take the modules in order. Each topic area consists of various modules and questions to test your understanding of that topic. Each module generally requires approximately 60 minutes to complete. At the end of each module, a module "quiz" or "project" must be completed with a passing grade of 60%. You need to receive a passing grade for all 20 module quizzes or projects, in order to be awarded an official certificate of completion. Upon success completion of all modules, an official certificate of completion is generated. The certificate will then be mailed to the address you provided during registration.

Topic areas covered in the Online mini MBA program:

- Marketing
- Business Strategy
- Human Resources Management - HRM
- Management Information System - MIS

There are no degree requirements for the program.

Who can apply for this program?

- Managers and industry professionals who do not have enough time to attend our online MBA program for one year.
- If you travel a lot and need more flexibility.
- If you are tech-savvy.

How you'll learn in eLearnEver



- Close communicate with module’s lecturers.

- Communicate with your classmates in a network of professional people and other social hub.

- Capture many key learning points of an MBA with a fraction of the time and cost
- Broaden your horizon and gain a more well-rounded business acumen
- Gain exposure to best practices and benchmarks beyond your industry

- Discard outdated approaches and learn up-to-the-minute strategies
- Sharpen your ability to make decisions in a complex business environment
- Go from ideas to action with practical exercises and project work
- Take away effective tools and processes for immediate impact on the job
- Gain access to advice from an outstanding faculty team even after the seminar
- Connect with an exceptional peer group from diverse industries
- Boost the equity of your CV and LinkedIn (or other social media) profile


Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have the right profile?

Participants typically have four or more years of work experience and tend to be mid to upper level managers (with or without direct reports), coming from every discipline, size and type of organization including companies, not-for-profits or government services.


Do I need qualifications to enroll?

The Executive Development Course is open to all levels of experience and the audience will include a diverse range of functions including engineering, project management, human resources, operations, sales and more. For the Advanced Management Course, we suggest you either complete the Executive Development Course or have at least 10 years of management experience.

How challenging are the programs?

As challenging as your own career goals. The emphasis is on helping you reach your peak of excellence quickly. Which is why MBAs take the program to update their knowledge base and skills. Specialized managers take it to broaden their expertise. Executives use the programs to develop strategic management skills and build business relations with individuals from a variety of industries.
How soon should I enroll?


We strongly suggest signing up early, as the programs often fill up one or more months in advance. eLearnEver also has a participant-friendly policy allowing you to cancel up to 14 days before the program.


Degree Type: Professional Certificate 
Duration: 4-5 Months
Start at: 3 Days after your enrollment

Tuition and Financial Options:

Fee: 500 USD (Eligible to get scholarship 10% base on your CV and Interview)

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