World Women Program


Now is available just for Afghanistan & Kurdistan (Iraq)


- Received a scholarship from the eLearnEver Sweden

- Professional training in different ecosystem and join to World Women Group

- Attend in online class of professional lecturers from developed countries

- Adjust your training program with your time and place conditions

- Participation in global projects to promote education, especially in developing countries

- Get an international certificate of EMBA from eLearnEver Sweden

- Enrolment Deadline: Dec 21, 2016 (Open for Admission)

- Started at: ِDec 31, 2016


Large part of the international community along with hopeful men and women of Afghanistan are trying to rebuild this country. One of the main goals of the United Nations Development Programme, is increase the role of women in Afghanistan. Because most of the progress in each country owes daughters, wives and mothers in that societies. eLearnEver in association with various organizations around the world is developing an online MBA program focusing on training the women of Afghanistan.

eLearnEver pay the bulk of the cost of online MBA enrollment for that group of women who have been qualified. Approved students will receive the complete training and scientific support and will have chance to join a group of eLearnEver international partners.


What Afghanistan Women Say about WWP:

Getti Mitra, Senior Officer Treasury Middle Office, Afghanistan International Bank: "In the present situation of my country, not only women but men too need to be guided. Our community needs to be educated. I want them to know how to deal with life, and have their own decisions. No doubt, the war for decades left so many obstacles for Afghan Nation as, Education Gap, Cultural Gap and so many others, but the most important point for me is the STATUS GAP between women and men in the society. The role of women is considered less worthy than men. For me, every individual with their role add value to the society."

Fahima Sadqi: "By enhancing my knowledge through this program I can contribute in development of afghan women entrepreneurs and community based organizations in Herat province. From my point of view there are more women at the gross root level who will not come under the definition of entrepreneurs but still they are indirectly involved into the markets and business.  Based on my  experiences at field I found this level of women very vulnerable which even the government and projects cannot reach them. I hope after attending this program I can be able to go further than the workshop and seminars for women and assist them for the decision makings as participatory approach as well as for the beginning of a bright career"

How you'll learn

This is a professional MBA, and online virtual classes are held outside working hours. The learning content, simultaneously will be accessible on the website and your mobile or tablet. Also you can download the recorded videos of  online classes. International Collaborative Program (ICP) is other creative ideas to complete your training ecosystem. Also please watch this short video.


Online MBA Concentrations:

You will have the ability to focus on one of the following specializations to create a customized educational experience:

- Strategic Management
- Marketing

Admission requirements:

1) At least a bachelor's degree

2) Good knowledge of English language

3) Fill out the online registration form and get the resources of online examination by clicking "Start Now"

4) Send your resume to address

5) Participate in online exam and pass it

6) Final completion of the registration form, send the original documents and pay the first installment


What Else?


Degree Type: Executive MBA (About MBA Program)
Duration: 1 year


To register in eLearnEver online MBA click on  "Start Now" button :

Registration fee: - 1200 USD for approved students and 4500 USD for others

- Include a 2-weeks money back guarantee. If you are dissatisfied with your service for any reason.

Financial Facilities: - Payment in 5 installments

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