Learn English On-the-Go (Beginners 1)

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Learn English On-the-Go (Beginners 1)
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Teach yourself English at a beginner level

Content: 20 Video Files

In this series, you learn to:

  • Introduce yourself.
  • Use ‘to be’ verbs.

Watch the videos on-the-go on your Mobile, Tablet or PC


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Learning English is much easier now. This video series will teach you English at a beginner level.

In this series, you learn to

  • Introduce yourself.
  • Use ‘to be’ verbs.

For Better Result:

  • Watch the videos on-the-go and in order
  • Repeat the sentences as many times as you can
  • Learn to speak English

With this innovative method, you can:

  • Learn and use familiar everyday expressions and very basic phrases
  • Learn to introduce yourself and others
  • Ask and answer questions about personal details such as where someone lives, people that you know, and things you or other people have

Also watch a sample video of this video series.

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